Facility Features

As an 164-bed acute care hospital, the following services are offered:

  • Emergency care -- You cannot schedule an emergency, but you can plan for one, by making sure you know where to turn for expert medical services 24 hours, every day. At PHC, we expect the unexpected, providing patients with full support for medical/surgical emergencies.
    At PHC's Emergency Department, you will receive personalized care from admission through discharge for our physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing the finest in emergency treatment. We can handle your emergency, large or small, with a staff of educated, caring and experienced professionals, supported by the finest in equipment and technology.
  • Physical Therapy (In-patient/Out-patient)-- When the Physician calls for physical rehabilitation, our professionals are ready to support recovery with the finest in services, equipment and technologies. They will help set goals to increase motor function and joint mobility, decrease pain and work toward independence, staying with patients every step of the way.
Specialties include:
Back, Neck and Spine care
Sports Injuries; Post Operative Therapy
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Wound Care
Pain Control
& Restorative Exercise
  • Radiology -- includes all of the latest updated equipment. CT Scanning, Bone Densitometry, FDA Certified Mammography, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Digital Angiography.

    We have a wide range of diagnostic imaging services including state of the art Spiral CT scanning and Interventional Therapeutic radiological services. We also have a newly added stereotactic Breast Biopsy which may offer a patient an alternative to surgical procedures. For more information on this Department, please call
    (914)279-5711 Ext 2413
  • Home-based care -- Home healthcare, laboratory testing and EKG services.
  • Community health services -- Health forums and fairs, speakers bureau, health screenings and promotions, educational and preventative medical programs and events.
  • Medical/Surgical-- Ambulatory Surgery
  • ICU/CCU--
  • Orthopaedics--
  • Mental Health--


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